Lady Drags father to court over marriage consent refusal

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Love they say is a beautiful thing,but they are some things we may do in the name of love which may look crazy though but deep down inside we do so achieve our purpose.

A 23 year old spinster identfied as Khadija Ibrahim yesterday sued her father Bassa Ibrahim, before an Upper Area Court in Karu, Abuja, reasons being that he refused allowing her to marry the man of her choice.

It was reported that Khadija told the court that she had a suitor, who was willing to marry her, but her father refused to give his consent.

She said, “The man I want to marry has made several attempts to meet my father to discuss the wedding plan, but he always avoided him,the only reason he gave me was that the man I want to marry is not Fulani, which is not satisfactory to me.”

She however pleaded with the court to order her father to allow her to get married to the suitor,whose name was given as Abdulhamidu.

The respondent Mr Bassa, told the court that the allegations of his daughter were true.

He said, “I have always avoided Abdulhamidu because I am against his choice as a suitor,I have warned my daughter that marriage is not a child’s play. How can she get married to a man whose root and origin are not known to us?”

The judge Abdullahi Baba has adjourned the hearing till May 29.


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