Juliet Ibrahim Exposed The Most Risky Place She Had Sex

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Juliet Ibrahim in an interview with Trybes TV has revealed the most risky place she’s had sex. The beautiful actress says the riskiest place she has had sex is at the beach and she does not have a favorite sex position or anything adventurous she is willing to try.

“I do not see it as a big deal to walk up to a guy I like and ask for his digits cause I would not want the chance to pass me by”. The mother of one says the last time she cried was when she was missing her son. When asked to choose between immortality and eternal youth, Juliet says she would go for immortality because there are things you could do like eating healthy that could keep you looking healthy.

“I will like to go on a romantic date with Michael Eden if given the opportunity to”. What most people do not know about the award winning actress is that she has a quick temper and lies tick her off the most. Juliet is not really big on lying but if she has to lie it’s just to make something look good.

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