“Yoruba Mothers Produce The Best Range Of Slaps”- Foluke Daramola

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Popular actress Foluke Daramola Salako is one actress who is proud of her Yoruba heritage, as she goes all out to give men reasons to marry a yoruba woman.

According to the beautiful actress and wife, Yoruba women are very smart and well behaved, except the ones without maternal care. Going further, she pointed out that Yoruba mothers are the best when it comes to child upbringing.

In this light, the actress spelt out that Yoruba Mothers produce the best range of slaps called IGBATI. IFOJI, IGBAJU, IGBARUN, IFORUN, IFAKUN, ILADI, ABARA., which will be explained one after the other. The actress pointed that these slaps will make you think you were adopted.

The first kind of slap known as IGBATI will make you correct your wrongs instantly! The beauty of IFOTI is, you will confess your sins on the spot. IGBARUN, IGBAJU and IFORUN will make you expose those who committed the crime with you without hesitation. ABARA and ILADI will make you pee in your new pants.

In conclusion, Foluke Daramola Salako drew our attention to an advanced version of IGBAJU, known as IGBAJU ILOYI. When a Yoruba mother gives you this version, you are going to lose balance and your head will go into “auto search”, as you began to wonder what hit you.

The beautiful actress, ended her funny quote by thanking parents for the good upbringing they have invested on their children, as she points out that she is sure that every child of Yoruba background must have received any of these slaps.


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