Ibinabo, Grace Amah Tried To Destroy My Career – Crystabel Goody Cries Out!

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Nollywood actress Crystabel Goddy has made it known that Ibinabo Fiberesima and Grace Amah tried Ruining her career. Goddy said she never had a relationship with the Actors Guild of Nigeria and she still doesn’t.

The fact that someone plays the victim doesn’t mean she’s innocent. And this is similar to what happened to the four UNIPORT students who were gruesomely murdered in Aluu community. The person who raised the alarm that they were thieves was actually the guilty one. But it seems justice in Nigeria has to do with who you know,” she said.

She talked about her relationship with Chineke at the moment: “I don’t know what has become of her. I tried to apologise to her regardless of the fact that she also inflicted injuries on me. She also caused me a lot of emotional pain but she refused to accept my apology. My mum spoke with her mother but they remained adamant. She took me to court and the case is still on.

The magistrate also asked her if she was going to forgive me if I apologised and she said she wouldn’t. Friendship is a two-way street and I would rather watch my back than force friendship. Someone who can put you out thinking they can break you because they see a promising career ahead of you is capable of anything.


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