Exclusive:”I had to compromise some of my principles. There were many unacceptable characters in the BBN house” – Efe

In an exclusive Interview with Linda Ikeji TV, Winner of Big Brother Naija 2017, Efe, reveals what he had to compromise in the house, the allegations that he unfollowed thousands on Instagram after winning (which he denied). finding out Tony was married and more.
On the reception he received at the airport.

“It was epic. It was crazy. The funny part is that I was expecting the airport staff to be organized, they were disorganized. But shout out to them, It showed the level of love they had. I thought I was immoral in the house. ‘ I was amazed by what I saw and I have so much gratitude for those who turned out to welcome me. I was having altercations with the security that came to take me out, because why you wan stop me from greeting my people. No be small quarrel oh. Till we got to the hotel, I wasn’t even talking to them. But I realize say I just win, you get how you go talk, this people go think say you arrogant oh, Just pom (keep quiet). When I got to the hotel, I apologized to them. In the car, I started thinking to myself, how many people I wan greet. No matter how much people love you, some will hate you. They (security) started giving me the hazards that they could be stabbing, obtaining me, which is no problem for me, but the risk of stabbing, gunshot and stuff. So I understood the situation, but I am still apologizing to those that came and I couldn’t connect with.”

Did he unfollow about 2,000 Instagram accounts? Efe said;

“I am even asking myself, how did I unfollow 2,000 accounts? Let me ask this finger, how you do am? Because a normal human being would not be able to unfollow 2k people in how minutes or how many days given you are so engrossed and engaged in different activities. My team didn’t even allow me go on social media immediately, they didn’t want me engrossed with what people are saying. To clear the air, I will be handling my phone in a couple of days and I will follow people. There’s nothing there. Wetin e go cost me to follow people?”

On how he felt when he found out Tony was married?

“I was shocked. The storyline wasn’t connecting. He was quite exposed. With all this sense, he get kidney (brain) die, very talented, great actor which was why he was able to do what he did, but at 36? If na babe you fit understand say she never see who she wan marry but for a guy, even if you never see who you wan marry, you fit don break one or two like that whey go give you children. The day I hear, I was like woah, this guy is….watch the video below.


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