Sonia Ogbonna To Move To Namibia Where She Can Walk “Nak3d and Free”

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Sonia Ogbonna, Colombian wife of Nollywood actor and model, Iyke Ogbonna, is one vocal celebrity wife who has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian entertainment space.

The delectable beauty who obviously found that anonymous bashing a bit funny responded by saying maybe it was time she relocated to another African country, Namibia where she can easily walk naked and free. She shared a photo of nude Namibian primitive women from the Himba tribe to buttress her point. She wrote:

”So next time my “highly moral” people decide that my dressing is not appropriate enough for standards of an “African culture”, I will just carry my load and immigrate to Namibia and ask this amazing Himba tribe to adopt me So I can walk naked and free. I can bet you, as naked as they are,they don’t do as half of evil that y’all commit while fully covered up . Original heritage is so powerful Don’t let it die off completely in the name of westernization. #himba I don’t think there is anything barbaric about them and I am so sure,there is so much be learned from such civilizations.”

Sonia’s knack for treading on what many of her followers consider morally sensitive ground has always seen her get on the wrong side of some social media goers. Do you think the Anonymous troll was out of line or you think Sonia needs to be more sensitive to the cultural environment she finds herself at the moment?


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