Disgrace and Tears! Court Stopped Omoni Oboli Movie Premier Last Night

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Actress Omoni Oboli was captured on camera breaking down in tears as court stopped the premiere of her new movie, Okafors law. This comes after a Canadian based writer accused the actress of stealing his idea for the movie. 

Actress Omoni (in white) announcing the cancellation of the movie at the premiere

Few hours ago on Saturday night at the venue of the premiere of a new movie “Okafor’s Law”, Nollywood popular actress and filmmaker, Omoni, was stopped from showing the movie following a court injunction for copyright infringement/trademark violation case between her and popular writer, Jude Idada.

According to eyewitnesses at the venue who captured the moment on camera, Oboli wept as she addressed the audience, intimating them of the development. The injunction has also stopped the distribution of the movie which slated for launch on March 31.

Here’s how it all began…

Sometime in September 2016, one Jude Idada accused Omoni Oboli of copyright infringement for the movie, Okafors Law. He accused her of using his storyline.

She, however, kept mum and went on to promote and set a release date for the movie for March 31st with the premiere, yesterday, 24th of March, 2017. The matter taken to court for the copyright infringement and trademark violation.

Yesterday, an injunction was gotten for Okafor’s Law to prevent its premiere and also the release on the 31st of March. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Defendants in the case, are Omoni Oboli, Dioni Visions & Filmone Distribution. At the premier, yesterday, the actress broke down in tears.

The Canada based writer, Jude Idada, had accused Omoni Oboli of stealing his story and idea for her new movie “Okafor’s Law.” He also stated that Oboli copied his idea for her directorial debut, “Being Mrs Elliott.”


In 2014, Idada was invited over by the Obolis, who told him about their new project “Okafor’s Law.” According to Idada, he ‘let his guard’ down, and shared ideas with Omoni’s husband, Nnamdi Oboli.

They offered him the scripting contract, which he accepted, and after much deliberation charged N750,000. He demanded for a contract.

“I wrote the contract, and I called Nnamdi over the phone. I said ‘Nnamdi, I have sent you the contract, let me know when you sign it. He said ok.” After a month and a half with no response from them, he gave the script to a friend of his (Chioma), who loved the story. .

“In the contract I sent to them, I said to them, Okafor’s Law is yours, but the story is mine. If at the end of the day, you don’t want to go ahead with the script, I will take everything and give you “Okafor’s Law,” because that’s all you have contributed.”

According to him, the Obolis found out about his deal with Chioma, and told people he stole their story. “In 2016, they started shooting. When I read the story, I saw that it was my story. All she did was change the names, but it was essentially my story,” Idada said.


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