How to Impress a Girl

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How to impress a girl? Is that what you want to know? Who doesn’t want to know this? Well!! This is probably one of the most searched questions. Either if a prom night is a month away? Or are you looking to get a girlfriend? Or even if you want to get the dream girl of your life? You will first have to impress the girl, but for that you have to understand what a girl wants? Everyone wants to know what a woman actually wants or what is in her heart, but rarely anyone achieves that. Approaching a girl seems to scare away a lot of guys and they don’t even want to try thinking of the failure. Most guys do wrong things or say lame things when they go out to impress girls or sometimes do over exaggerated or cliché things which aren’t necessary.

Impressing a person needs a lot of skill and especially if the person is a woman. We do want to impress people around us, it makes the task easy many times, but impressing a girl may seem a very tough job for many, well it is not that tough the way you think it is. In fact, it is very simple you just need to keep few things in your mind, like every girl likes to be valued. A girl will never tell you what does she wants  from you rather she would give subtle hints and those hints are the key to success, my dear. That hint is all you need to solve a jigsaw puzzle, you have to fix every part to get the clear picture. Observe, a good observer has always a better chance than others. We are here to guide you with the tips for how to impress a girl?

How to Impress a Girl

A.) Physical Appearance:

1.) Dress Well to Impress a Girl

Yes, the dress doesn’t reflect your inner soul but she doesn’t know you, right? The flirt impression I the last impress and it actually matters most of the time you need to impress a girl. She will know what she will see. Dress well doesn’t mean you need to wear high price tag rich brands you need to wear neat and clean clothes and clothes which suit you. And in which you are comfortable.

2.) Groom Well

It doesn’t mean you need to be clean shave but look presentable. Do the good hairdo and have the proper beard or clean shave it is up to you. If you keep mustache it should be clean and presentable. A well-groomed man is always preferred over the shabby and unclean person. Girls like guys who keep themselves clean and presentable. according to a survey, almost 72% women prefer well groomed men.

3.) Stand Up Straight and Tall

The way that you stand can also indicate how confident you are. If you are slumping or crossing your arms, she might interpret this as fear or nervousness. Instead, stand up tall with your arms hanging loosely at your sides. Keep your shoulders back and your chest puffed out a bit. This will show her your full height and breadth, which will be much more impressive than if you approach her in a hunched over position.

B.) Improve Your Personality to Impress a Girl:

4.) Be a Gentleman

Be a gentleman; do this not only to impress a girl but you are a gentleman you cannot fake it. Open a door her won’t show that she is vulnerable it is a gesture to make them feel happy and that they are valuable for you. Every girl wants a gentleman in their life if you are a gentleman you won’t have to work too hard to get her she will come to you on her own. Adopt good habits learn to compliment and offer a helping hand to girls. Be polite and calm do not use abusive words, take responsibility do all that defines a gentleman.

5.) Smile

Smiling affects your personality a lot. Smiling is contagious, you smile would make her feel secure and welcoming. Smiling also creates the bonds if you will smile she would smile back and she would feel good which will make her feel good about you. Smiling face is always better to look at, it is also easy to do friendship with the people who has the smiling face as people feel safe with them. so, if you want to impress a girl smile.

6.) Look Into Her Eye

Confidence is sexy, and one of the most confident things you can do is look her in the eyes when you ask her out. While it may feel more comfortable to look at the floor and mumble your question to her, this will not impress her. Look her straight in the eyes and hold your head up high to show her that you are confident

7.) Compliment Her

Keep the compliments coming as you continue to date and get to know each other. Don’t just compliment her appearance either. Make sure that you also compliment her intelligence, her sense of humor, and her other talents as you learn about them. For example, you can say something like, “I really admire your talent in track and field.”

C.) Talk Impressive:

8.) Be Calm

Calmness is the virtue of being a gentleman, being calm shows how mature and good you are at handling the situations and how you would treat her when the conditions won’t be in your favor. Women are a mess at many times and she likes to have a calm man who can comfort her.

9.) Be Direct

Don’t talk in the loop be straight but be polite. Being direct is sexy, women may talk in the loops but they like men who have the courage to be straight and it makes women want them more. Not talking direct might create confusions and also may mislead the real intention of your message. Being direct is always preferred as it saves time, easy to understand and do not creates a mess. Tell her directly that you wanna take her out or you feel something for her.

10.) Play with Humor

Everyone loves a good humor and who doesn’t likes to laugh? A good laugh would make her feel good and it releases happy hormones which make the situation lighter and also would give her the memories of feeling good when she is with you. Don’t use offensive words in your humor, humorous doesn’t mean you need to be offensive to someone or need to say vulgar jokes. It would make her feel uncomfortable and would prove you as a pervert. Keep it classy and simple, look her reactions towards it does your jokes make her laugh? If yes then she likes it but remember not to overdo it.

Few Don’ts to Remember

  • Avoid being too touchy.
  • Do not use same boring pick-up lines.
  • Don’t suggest but listen. Be a good listener, listen what she is trying to say.
  • Don’t keep talking all about you.
  • Trying to dominate and being bossy.
  • Being sexist. Women hate it.
  • Don’t be a pervert.

Winning a girl’s heart is very easy if you remember and follow these tips. So all the best guys go and get the girl of your dreams.


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