How to Ask a Girl Out

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No two woman are same, therefore, when you need to ask a girl out tactics for asking them should also vary. The strategies which may work with a girl may not work on another, for instance, one girl might love to get flowers and happily would love to accept it but another may hate even your approach. Know how you fit into her life. Are you her best friend or a total stranger? Being a best friend would give you benefit as you would know her like and dislikes. There are certain aspects which every girl consider in a guy before going out with him. To know how to ask a girl out first you need to know what she expects from the guy she wants to go out with.

Try to know about her either from her friends or by keeping an eye on her likes and dislikes. One very important point to remember while asking a girl out is to never let her know that you are very desperate about her. Keep it cool and simple. Remember how Ted scared away Robin in How I Met Your Mother by proposing her on the very first date?  Do not make this mistake ever!! You might scare the girl away. This is just a start, keep everything going smooth and don’t rush. There are also many aspects which you should consider doing to make yourself better so that every girl would go crazy to go out with you. Work on yourself and follow these steps to ask a girl out.

How to Ask a Girl Out

(A) Things Required To Ask a Girl Out:

1.) Have Confidence:

Confidence is the most important factor which every girl seeks in a guy if you are not enough confident she might not even consider looking at you. Even you yourself would not have the courage to ask anyone out would you? Being confident also, would reflect in other fields of your life and will help you to achieve heights. There are various ways by which you can make yourself confident, you need to feel confident act confident and for feeling confident you should keep in your mind a few things like given below.

2.) Dress Well To Ask a Girl Out:

Dress does reveal what kind of person you are. When you look good you feel good and when you know you are looking good you gain confidence to ask any girl out. Girls like confident guys and when you ask her out you should have full confidence in your voice, the voice that she cannot dare to reject. You don’t have to be wearing a high brand specially tailored suit when you ask a girl out. But that doesn’t mean you should look like a drug addict either. Dress in whatever style you are comfortable in or which fits your personality, but keep it classy. Avoid wearing wrinkled tees, dirty shoes, or other fashion disasters which will make you look like a fool. Whatever you do, dress like the handsome and polished person the type of person whom you would admire when you go to ask a girl out.

3.) Follow Good Gestures to Ask a Girl Out:

Few gestures should be avoided which will make you look weak such as do not stare at the ground instead look into her eyes. Do not ever lump your shoulder, fidget or cross your legs rather stand firm maintain a good posture and look into her eyes.

4.) Make Eye Contact:

Making eye contact are also a sign of confidence shoot a few harmless glances in her direction. Making an eye contact would make her feel that you are aware of her presence, don’t look for too long or else you would look like a creeper or a stalker, watch her for a brief second and if she caught you watching her smile.

5.) Smell Good:

Smelling good can turn the deals in your favor, smell is one of our five senses and we get attracted to the things which pleases our senses you cannot not ignore the good smell which proves to be a point in your favor.

(B) Behaviors to Ask a Girl Out

1.) Show Interest:

Try to talk to her, make her know that you exist, for going out with you, she should first have to know that you are in her life try to involve with her work. By anyway show her that you are there for her and she matters to you. You can show interest in her by doing following things.

2.) Compliment Her:

Compliment her, but do not exaggerate it, be genuine she would know if you are being fake. Yes, girls mostly get to know when your compliments are genuine and when you are faking it up. Do not hesitate to compliment her; your compliments would make her feel good.

3.) Help Her:

Offer to carry something heavy, get her lunch at the office, or do something nice for her. If she denies, then wait until she really needs any sort of help or comforting, like when she’s feeling down and having a bad day. This would show her that you are a nice guy and that you also care for her.

(C) Ways to Approach to Ask a Girl Out

1.) Ask Her Out:

Keep it casual and light don’t try to make it a big fuss or you might scare her away keep everything simple. You may ask her to go the movies or something else you both would be interested in. Try to know what kind of movies she likes. You can also invite her out to happy hour at a bar where you both enjoy and have a random chat to know her more. Try to make it original, keep your tone casual. Ask her out when you both are alone, having others around will put her under pressure to say yes or no and if you want her true answer, ask when she would be totally herself not influenced by the presence of others.

2.) Respect Her Judgement:

Remember that every girl is different, you have to use your own skills to know what kind of girl is she what could make her happy and what could make her angry. Like every lock has different keys every girl has different thoughts about the person she wants in her life. Every tip doesn’t apply to every girl use your own judgmental skill to know what tip would be helpful for you in asking out the girl you like. Ask her out directly don’t use social media or texting for asking her out it would make her feel that you are not that much interested in her. If she denies accept it like a gentleman.

Few Don’ts to Remember while Asking a Girl Out:

  • Don’t jump to conclusion or assume anything on your own.
  • Ask her out directly; face to face avoid using email, phone or any social networking site to ask her out.
  • Don’t get offended with a No!
  • Give her time to say yes be persistent.
  • If she turns you down gently, then respect her choice that she’s not interested.
  • If she flat-out refuses, back away. You don’t want any girl to think you’re a stalker.
  • You do not need to be friends with the girl you want to ask out, you just need to look impressive and presentable and filled with confidence.

By following these tips you can actually ask any girl out rather she be a stranger you are meeting for the first time or any girl walking by in the street. But don’t forget to be a gentleman and learn to accept and respect an NO!


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